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  • Constructed with 2,117 uniquely drawn shapes, a polar bear is revealed within a doppler radar map and a cloud of smog. As climate change continues to accelerate past nature's pace, the rate at which these unique animals icy homes melt away accelerates as well. If the provided home of pack ice continues to melt away continues to melt, the likelihood of starvation plaguing these animals increases significantly. The doppler radar graphs and smog in this piece represent the societal divide on the opinions about global warming. I make art for endangered animals because I want to give the animals a voice through a language that people can understand, art. This art piece is framed in rainbow tiger maple. There will only be 100 prints of each animal, and each one is uniquely themed. 

    Polar Bear No.6 "Love" OVERSIZED

    • Polished rainbow tiger maple, handmade by the artist.

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