This Panda Bear print represents the predicament of the panda population, preserving their population is assisted by their captivity. Created with thousands of gradient colored vector shapes and drop shadows a panda bear is shown. This piece is meant to show panda's attempting to escape captivity. The panda's are attempting to escape societys conception of a comfortable panda habitat, and break back into the wild. They climb the trees so that they may find a way out of the cage which is shaped like themselves. This piece was digitally illustrated by Liam Garrett using thousands of digitally created vector shapes, drawn using the mouse.



    This art piece is printed on canvas and features a vibrant background depicting a pixelated landscape. The print is framed in purple heart, hand made by the artist. The purple heart frame features a beautiful violet color which is naturally produced by the wood, purple heart is also called violet wood because of the deep and saturated shade of violet it features. carved on the bottom right of the frame is a floral drawing in relief of flowers and leaves, upon the flowers is the initial of Liam Garrett. The frame is polished to exceptional shine, using the same grit sandpaper used to polish new cars. After the frame is designed, constructed, and polished, it is finished with several layers of natural oils to guarantee a beautiful shine that is a testament to the beauty of wood and nature. Liam aims to create pieces that are constantly unique and push the limits of the term "handmade".



    In the limited Endangered Animals Series 100 prints of each animal will be created, this Panda Bear print is number 2 of 100. Each of the 100 prints will be uniquely colored, framed, and constucted so that each buyer may have their own unique rendition of each animal.



    15% of profit on each piece in this series is donated to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect endangered animals

    Panda Bear no.2 (of 100)

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    • 24" x 24"