• This Jaguar was created with 8,037 digitally illustrated shapes, shown in a pattern of colors. This piece was built to express the beauty of the Jaguars aesthetics, and its ability to blend in with any environment. Jaguars are pattern observent animals, and in this digital illustration we can see the jaguar made completely from detailed patterns. Liam Garrett, the artist, wishes to portray animals with hyper realism, creating his subjects out of the patterns which represent humanities opinions toward the subjects. The Jaguar was meticuluously illustrated in a camouflage style to characterize the jaguar as a detail oriented and stealthy predator. The frame was hand crafted by the artist, created using 5A grade curly maple which is often used to make fine instruments. The frame was electrocuted with 10,000 volts which as a result created black tree like streaks in the frame. The wood was then dyed in an ocean blue and teal finish, with a crimson interior. Liam Garrett wishes to offer people pieces which are creative in every way, the frame, the illustration, they are both art in balance with one another. 15% profit goes to charity to protect the environment.

    Jaguar no.8

    • 5A grade Curly Maple (Electrocuted)