• This digital art piece was created with 72 colors of Maryland trees and leaves during the month of August.  This elephant is shown in the barren branches, and colorful leaves which bring the viewer a nostalgic moment of fall. This fine art was printed, designed, and framed by the conscientious digital artist Liam Garrett. An artist whose digital illustrations serve to bring the viewer a visual moment that they can contemplate, and feel. The frame was crafted by the artist using the finest  wood available, 5A grade curly maple. Curly maple is used in guitar and violin making. The goal of the digital art movement is to bring people deep visual moments through digital art, while providing the artistry and craftsmanship of the highest standard. Art should be creative, completely creative. This is why Liam creates everything from the frame, to the digital art that he prints in his own studio. digital art movement's goal is to provide people a true artistic experience. Every facet of every piece must be creative, and 15% of profit always goes to charity.

    Elephant no.15 (Emerald Forest)

    • 27 x 27 in