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What is dam?

The digital art movement is an art movement inspired by the power of technology and its ability to revolutionize art. This movement aims to push design into experimental territory, and to explore the ability to create art with digital mediums. Digital art is a frontier which has yet to be explored, and many of the tools used have become tools of industry. We aim to use these tools to benefit causes that protect the planet and its animals. This cause is (in short) a cause built around expressing the modern world with a medium that is the modern world, technology.

Personal Statement

My art is you, My art is me. My art seeks to represent the thoughts and opinions of our generation, using a medium that is our generation.


Liam Garrett was born in Harrogate, England on November 28th, 1996. He moved to the United States in 2001 and was raised in Crofton, Maryland.  


Starting his college education at Howard Community College (HCC) in 2016-2018, Garrett worked as the head graphic designer in the Ellicott City Recovery Project, garnering an HCC Certificate of Appreciation and a feature in the HCC Portfolio Seminar Exhibition. Additionally, he received a feature in the Baltimore Sun for this work. Within his first year at the college, Garrett was awarded the 2016 HCC Entrepreneurial Celebration Pinnacle Pitch People's Choice Award.  


In 2019, Garrett began at the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a bang by selling his artwork in the university bookstore. Following his premiere, the university newspaper The Retriever wrote an article on Garrett's work. Garrett went on to secure a spot in the CMYK Magazine's 2019 Top 100 New Creatives. Continuing to create within his Digital Art Movement, Garrett presented alongside fellow students in the 2020 URCAD Student Research show. Garrett returned to HCC in 2020 as a judge for the 2019 HCC Entrepreneurial Celebration Pinnacle Pitch. 

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